Published: 06/24/2019
fabricating cerec in Denville NJ

At least two appointments, at least a week between those two dental visits and at least one temporary crown – these are some of the primary things that make traditional crowns more expensive than CEREC®. But let’s go beyond the high-level look at the differences between CEREC and conventional crowns. Let’s get an up-close look at how CEREC “single visit crowns” can be fulfilled in a fraction of the time needed to place conventional crowns. 

The Old Way

“Old” doesn’t necessarily mean “antiquated” or “inferior,” especially in this case. But there are certainly elements of CEREC crowns that can make conventional approaches feel a little like both.

To fully appreciate the benefits of CEREC crowns, we need to take a look at how conventional crowns are placed:

1.       The traditional way of placing crowns entailed using putty to create molds of the tooth being replaced. Once the molds are set, the dentist can use them to cast your crown. The dentist will likely take several impressions of your tooth to ensure your crown has all the right dimensions.

2.       Your dentist will then prepare your tooth to be capped with the crown. This will entail shaping the natural tooth to provide a firm foundation for the crown to be bonded atop.

3.       Your prepared tooth will be capped with a temporary crown to protect it, to preserve function and to blend in with the rest of your teeth.

4.       Your temporary crown will be replaced with the finished product on your final appointment, which is usually the second of two.

The New Way

They’ve been given the nickname “chair-side crowns,” and for good reason. Leveraging computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing CAD/CAM processes, your dental staff can 3D print durable crowns while you sit in the dentist’s chair and you can wear your new crowns out the door – same day.

With that in mind, here’s a closer look at the benefits CEREC crowns offer:

·         You only need one visit to the dentist’s office, instead of two or three. That’s at least one day less you’ll have to ask off from work or miss from school.

·         Your dental staff won’t have to put as much work into fabricating your CEREC crowns, so the service charges on your invoice will be more affordable.

·         You don’t have to wear a temporary crown for a week or so.

Head This Way

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