Published: 05/12/2018

Dr. Kimowitz Examining Patient And Showing Overdentures - Denville, NJDental implants and protheses have been helping people who are missing teeth for centuries. Dentures are a common type of replacement, especially for people with extreme tooth loss. Dentures in Denville, NJ are a viable option, but come with limitations. Dental implants are small anchors placed in the bone that supports your teeth. This technology stabilizes single or multiple teeth replacements, such as dentures. Overdentures in Denville, NJ, provided by Dr. Adam Kimowitz and Dr. Hal Kimowitz are replacement teeth retained by an implant, offering many advantages over dentures that can be taken in and out.

Benefits of Overdentures

While dentures are an effective method of replacing teeth, there are limitations. Overdentures have many benefits that can’t compare with dentures:

  • Better digestion because overdentures are more stable than dentures held in with adhesives. You can chew your food better, which helps your stomach break down the nutrients more effectively.
  • Overdentures in Denville, NJ slow the bone loss in your jaw because you can eat and chew more effectively.
  • When your jaw goes unstimulated, it causes your chin and the space between your nose and mouth to shrink, making you look older. Overdentures prevents premature aging.
  • Overdentures are more comfortable and secure. You won’t feel like your dentures might slip out or embarrass you when you’re talking or eating.

Take care of your dentures by brushing and flossing regularly. You should also get biannual cleanings from your dentist. The dentures may wear over time and need re-fitting.

Are You a Candidate For Hybridge Overdentures?

If you’re looking for a more comfortable and secure way to wear your dentures, you should discuss the option with your dentists in Denville, NJ, Dr. Adam Kimowitz and Dr. Hal Kimowitz. Discuss your concerns about your dentures with our dentists to determine the best treatment option for your situation and needs. Make an appointment today by calling our office at (973) 453-2599 to learn more information and to find solutions for your oral health. Make your smile beautiful and protect your health today!

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