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Are Mini Dental Implants Right For You?

Mini dental implants have been used in the dental industry for well over 20 years. As their name suggests, mini implants are much smaller in length and diameter than conventional dental implants and therefore, are easier to surgically insert. They can be put in almost any location and can be easily removed when necessary.

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Why we believe mini dental implants are not the right solution

When mini implants were first introduced to the dental profession, they were meant to be a temporary implant to be used while regular “root form implants” were healing. They were often used as a way to snap-on a temporary denture and help retain during the healing process. Because training for mini implants is easy, and typically given at weekend courses by the manufacturers, some dentists have been tempted to use mini implants as a definitive dental implant solution.

Unfortunately, the promises made today with mini dental implants can’t meet the expectations that patients have for their treatment long-term. A conventional dental implant is of similar length and diameter as a natural tooth root, and in fact, is significantly stronger than a natural tooth root once it has osseointegrated (fused to bone). The technologies for definitive tooth replacement that have been developed by the dental implant industry are for use with conventional dental implants, as mini implants are not considered ideal for permanent solutions.

Success rates are not comparable between mini implants and conventional root form implants. Sometimes, mini implants are being used to support crowns and bridgework that are permanently cemented on the mini implants. Because these implants are insufficient to support either a single tooth or multiple teeth, we often see failure of the mini implants over time. In addition, bridges supported on mini implants are often made in a way that patients are unable to clean well under the bridge and therefore, bacteria gets trapped under and around the implants, creating a very unhealthy environment over time.

Hybridge providers have seen many failed implant cases where mini implants were used and feel that they should not be recommended as a definitive long-term solution. Following the industry accepted recommendations for proper implant support using conventional root form implants is the only way that a patient can expect a healthy, long lasting implant-supported solution. Hybridge only uses conventional root form implants for all of its dental implant therapies.

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