Published: 09/20/2017

It’s exciting and fun when kids have loose baby teeth, and they look forward to a visit from the Tooth Fairy. When adults notice the same thing with their adult or permanent teeth, they often have the exact opposite reaction. Loose permanent teeth can be a sign of a serious problem, particularly if it is related to gum disease in Denville, NJ. Fortunately, with fast treatment, teeth can often be preserved and saved for years to come.

Along with gum disease, loose permanent teeth can also be caused by an injury or tooth grinding. Regardless of the reason why your teeth are loose, it is important that you seek treatment immediately to save your teeth.

How Gum Disease Causes Teeth to Loosen

Gingivitis, or periodontitis can lead to the loosening and loss of permanent teeth over time. As pockets of bacteria and pus develop in the gums due to lack of proper care and treatment, the gums may recede and the tissue and bone holding the tooth in place can disappear, leaving the teeth vulnerable to loss. At Denville Implant and Cosmetic Dentistry Center in Denville, NJ, Dr. Adam Kimowitz and Dr. Hal Kimowitz offer laser-assisted treatment to improve gum health.

Traditional surgery to treat gum disease involved the removal of damaged tissue with incisions and sutures. Just like any surgery, this involved certain risks of pain, swelling and long recovery times. Today, more dentists are turning to laser-assisted surgery that reduces discomfort and risk.

Our dentists use a laser to pinpoint and remove damaged tissue and completely clean the gums surrounding the teeth. As the laser allows you to preserve more of your healthy tissue, holding your teeth in place naturally.

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