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Say Goodbye to Dental Anxiety

When you are looking forward to improving the health and appearance of your smile, it is easy to get excited about dental appointments. Smile makeovers can be life changing but if you are one of the 9% to 15% of us who suffer from dental anxiety (Colgate), you may avoid going to the dentist all together. We want to ensure that your smile remains healthy and beautiful while protecting your comfort so Dr. Adam Kimowitz and Dr. Hal Kimowitz offer IV sedation dentistry.

Schedule your sedation dentistry appointment with our on-staff anesthesiologist to get relief from dental anxiety caused by:

  • Severe gag reflex
  • Previous traumatic dental experience
  • Fear of drills and needles
  • Complex or lengthy dental work
  • Sensitive teeth
  • Inability to feel numb with local anesthetic alone
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The Methods of Treatment Available to Relieve Dental Anxiety

You can relax during your dental visit and get the treatment you need with sedation dentistry. We offer numerous solutions to keep you comfortable and will help you determine the right method for you.

IV Sedation Dentistry This method is also referred to as sleep dentistry. With IV sedation dentistry, drugs are administered intravenously. You are able to rest comfortably throughout your procedure and will have no memory of it when you awaken.

Oral Sedation Less aggressive than IV sedation dentistry yet still effective, oral sedation requires that you take a prescribed sedative before your appointment. You will feel groggy and your dental anxiety will melt away.

Nitrous Oxide Breathing in this odorless gas will give you an immediate feeling of relaxation. This is one of the few methods of sedation that allow you to drive yourself to and from your visit, as the effects do not last after the mask is removed.

Local Anesthetic Typically an injection of Lidocaine, a local anesthetic affects only the area immediately around the treatment site.

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