Published: 11/15/2017

Chair-side economical restorations of esthetic ceramic, otherwise known as CEREC®, is an advanced cosmetic dental procedure designed to give patients outstanding smiles in just one dental visit. These crowns solve a variety of problems, including everything from cracked teeth to extreme staining. The fact they work so quickly makes them an excellent option for people wanting a fantastic smile before they visit family for Thanksgiving when a bunch of pictures are bound to be taken.

The Procedure

First, Dr. Adam Kimowitz or Dr. Hal Kimowitz need to determine if these crowns are truly the best option for you. While many patients can benefit, CEREC® crowns are not right for everybody. If our dentist determines you are a good candidate, then you will have to undergo an optical impression. This is when the dentist coats the tooth in question with a powder that allows our office to create a perfect impression of your tooth so the crown fits ideally. Using 3D imaging combined with a specialized dental crown milling machine, the dentist creates a perfect replica of the tooth which can be installed on the same visit.

The Advantages

 The clearest benefit of these crowns is the fact you can get them immediately. There is no need to deal with temporary solutions when you get your permanent crown right then and there. Another advantage all patients enjoy is the fact that CEREC® crowns are more cost-effective. They do not require multiple appointments to install, and they can last for over a decade with proper maintenance. If you are a hard-working professional yourself, then you will also enjoy not having to visit the dentist multiple times in the same month, saving you plenty of time.

The Dental Office to Call

 Make this Thanksgiving one to remember by having a perfect smile with CEREC® same-day dental crowns in Denville, NJ. Both Dr. Adam Kimowitz and Dr. Hal Kimowitz have helped numerous patients receive amazing crowns, and after you contact our office at (973) 453-2599 for an appointment, you could be next.

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